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Azure Boone, A Wonderful Talent in the Literary World

Good Afternoon!

I would like to introduce you all to a very talented author, Azure Boone. She volunteered to be my first author interview and I am very honored!

Azure Boone, welcome to my blog! Please tell us about yourself and your writing.

Mark, so awesome of you to have me over for a visit on your blog! Don’t we just LOVE doing this? Control your giddiness, please.

When I’m a guest author on a blog, I ask myself, what is it that readers may wonder about writers? And I try to answer some of that.

For me, I’m not just a writer (nobody usually is) I’m a full time mother of eight children, soon to be nine, and wife and teacher.

One of the greatest wonders readers have when it comes to me as a writer, is how on earth do I find time? Sanity? Silence?

Ironically, the answer is, “If it weren’t for all the kids I have, I’d never have time to write.”

Thankfully, before I became a writer, I was a parent that believed in training a kid up in the way that they should go. Responsible, unselfish, hard workers, bearing one another’s burdens.  So, by the time I began writing, they were already trained and it was just a matter of adjusting schedules and workloads.  Wasn’t all that hard, especially with the kids becoming more capable in every work area.

Silence? Sanity?

I like to think of mothers as the most adaptive creatures in the world. They take their children “into” themselves and they become a “part” of them. It’s odd, but, the noise, the chaos, is like that fan you had to have on in order to sleep. They’re like tentacles, and when they’re not around, you feel oddly naked or like you’re missing parts.

I learned to work with and around the noise and distractions. I sit right among the madness and create. If I enter a phase of the creative process that requires silence, I give them things to do elsewhere. That’s it.

My favorite thing to write is erotic romance. Doesn’t matter the genre, erotic romance is always a given in my stories, for me, stories are not complete without romance, and romance is not complete without erotica.

So, what have I accomplished so far in my five years of becoming a professional writer? After several years of intense learning (still learning, however) I self-published my first book, UNDER-GODS, a Christian Fantasy Romance.

My second book was traditionally published, THE DEVIL WANTS A CHINA DOLL, and is a Paranormal Erotic Romance.

My third book, JOHNNY BLUE, is a Contemporary Erotic Romance.

And now, I am currently co-authoring a huge series with my critique partner, Kenra Daniels. The title of the entire series is called ARCHANGELS’ CREED. The first twelve books in the series will be THE SUMMONING with the archangel, KASSERN, being the first summoned angel to kick off the series. The genre is very mixed, a sort of spiritual, urban fantasy, erotica and since that genre doesn’t technically exist, we’ll be self- publishing it.

Well, I hate long winded people, so, I’m going to close with blurbs for each of the books above and links to buy if anybody is interested. Thank you Mark, for having me over to your blog, I appreciate it! Take care everybody.

   Product Details            


At twenty years old, Levi strikes a deal with God. In exchange for saving his mother’s life, Levi commits to being celibate. Soon, supernatural events land him in Heaven in order to help a beautiful girl journey through Hell. They have two weeks to make it back to Earth to prevent an important and mysterious old man from dying. The demons of the dark realm are no match for the Under-Gods that lead them on their perilous quest until they discover Levi’s secret: he has fallen in love. And that is one broken vow they will use to destroy them both.

Product Details


Rone Kreed wants Sheeku in every way imaginable. Which is kind of impossible when possessed with a demon who devours souls with a kiss and spreads eternal damnation through his seed. But Sheeku has a power that protects her from the demon’s sadistic intoxicant, tempting Rone to play ever closer to the fires of her innocent, yet demanding desires. When he learns that protecting her from her sadistic mafia family will require his hand in marriage, exorcism becomes imperative. Because he’s one sweet beg away from surrendering to the woman he’s fallen in love with, and giving the demon her angelic soul.

Product Details


A beautiful Cajun woman seeking penance for her children’s death, steps out of her shell and helps a bum.

Jewel puts ten years of therapy to use by playing good Samaritan one day. Overhearing the town boys talk about pulling a prank on the bum who pushes his shopping cart around town painting murals on the tired country stores, she decides to warn him.

At the rundown building where the bum seems to stay, she’s shocked to be greeted with a clean shaven man wearing only jeans, a compelling smile, and endless sex appeal. Jewel is suddenly like a bumbling teenager with hormones she’d thought were destroyed by her abusive ex.

When Johnny meets Jewel and sees that her beauty is far more than skin deep, he can’t resist answering the need so plain in her eyes. But surrendering to Johnny’s fiery love will mean releasing the guilt of her past sins that refuse to let her live.

Series Log Line: 

Twelve Archangels, twelve couples, twelve months. Only passionate love can create the new breed of War Angels needed to prevent the demon spawned abominations from destroying the world.

Series Blurb:

Satan has found a loophole in the rules that govern his battle against Good. The top Archangel, Gabriel, sends twelve Elite Archangels to Earth on a mission to even the odds.

Each Archangel has one month to find a couple, unite them, and help them fall in love. Every milestone in the new relationships brings them closer to creating the breed of War Angels needed to prevent the demon-spawned abominations from destroying the world.

As the unions grow stronger, the humans and War Angels gain power. But the War angel’s quickly learn that taking part in humanity comes with a cost they’re not prepared for.

Kassern Blurb:

Archangel Kassern has one month to get a stripper and a preacher to fall in love. They’ll also have to trust him enough to join with him to form the War Angel needed to defeat the abominations created by Satan to destroy the world.

Devyn is desperate to save her best friend, Karly, and herself from a life of prostitution. When the preacher Troy offers escape, she takes a chance on him. But Karly’s boyfriend, aka pimp, won’t let them go without a fight. How can Kassern guide the World’s Most Unlikely Couple to fall in love?

Impossible as it seems, that isn’t the hard part. Kassern must convince the couple to allow him to join in their union so he can use their love to create a weapon against Satan’s plans.

Azure, you have certainly been keeping busy. I am getting my copies of all your works ASAP! I have seen many glowing reviews and kudos on several sites and my interest is peaked! As you know, I write horror books and love many different genres, and I am always pleased to find an author possessing your skill with the perverbial pen…or keyboard as it is these days. I recommend Azure Boone and her work to anyone searching for some HOT erotic paranormal. No matter what your favorite genre, Azure Boone’s books will entertain you and heat up your bookshelves, better get some metal ones to keep them from catching fire! You can click on the book covers or the HTML links to purchase her books from Amazon.

Finally, thank you for being my guest today. I have enjoyed the glimpse into your life and hearing about all of your wonderful works. Have a great day, Azure, and may your dreams be filled with nightmares. (What can I say, I write horror) <:-@


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