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Who is Mr. Crispy?



Mr. Crispy is a character in my Purgatory series. He is a pyromaniac that gets caught in a blaze of his own making and dies.  He winds up in Purgatory sporting the scars of his sins.  Mr. Crispy is not his real name, but it is the name bestowed upon him by the Purgatorial community after his arrival. His skin is charred black and mottled with shiny swollen areas that constantly seep pus and plasma from eternally fresh wounds. Purgatory’s inhabitants bear the evidence of their sins for all to see and Mr. Crispy will be afflicted with his burns until a higher power sees fit to let him pass. This is a sentiment he begins to doubt as time creeps on and there is no communication or interaction with God. He feels he has surely atoned for any sins out of the agony of his existence alone and is beginning to think there is no place to move on to.

Mr. Crispy, formerly know as…well, you don’t get to know his real name yet, is a young man of undetermined age, however, I see him as being in his early teens. He is a typical teen, aside from a strong desire to burn things, but feels like an outsider because of his affliction. The fact he recognizes it as an affliction means he knows better than to do it, but lacks the self-control to fight the urge. This secret weighs upon him and defines his interaction with his friends; slightly introverted, guarded, and quick to make an excuse to bugger off from group activities. He would much rather spend time alone than with people so he doesn’t have to hide his dark side, his dark friend, as he often thinks of that part of himself.

Fire intrigues him and he has wielded it for so long that he feels in control of it. There was only one time that control slipped from his grasp, but since the fire was contained in his neighbor’s back yard and was extinguished quickly, his illusion of control held. His final battle with his dark friend made him realize how small and inconsequential he was compared to nature, and could have been a therapeutic turning point for him had he won. Tragic situations sometimes have a way of clearing one’s head and changing perspective, but all to often people don’t get the chance to use that realization to enact positive personal change. Maybe part of what makes situations like his so tragic is that the answer shows itself too late to help, like deciding too late the correct course of action to avoid an automotive collision.

His personality does not improve any after reaching Purgatory.  He loathes his situation, but is happy he is not in Hell, regardless of how much fire is there. He loathes his neighbors, except for the beautiful but troubled Annabelle, an ex porn-star with whom he is infatuated despite her…shall we say rather noticeable genitals. He is confused about the physics of Purgatory as it seems things are possible there that weren’t when he was alive; more of a dream-like state where his environment can change on a whim, leaving him often ill-prepared for his circumstances.  He is stuck in this suburban version of Hell and can find no peace.

Mr. Crispy has discovered a hidden side, a special place where he can go to another dimension, an escape from one Purgatory into another. This second Purgatory is more reminiscent of when he was alive and it draws him incessantly.  Spending time between the two realities has caused him to be confused as to which one is real, or if they both are real. His struggles are not only physical, but mental and psychological as well as he fights to figure out reality and reaffirm his sanity.  Will he figure out which dimension is real? Is it even possible? Will he learn the truth about where and who he is? Is there a Heaven or Hell?  The second reality and the ensuing struggle are introduced in Purgatory: Episode II. Both stories can be accessed by clicking on the pictures below or the hyperlinks in this post. I hope you get to meet Mr. Crispy, he is quite a character and his continued adventures will be chronicled in future episodes.  Happy reading.

Purgatory - Episode IPurgatory - Episode II


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Meet Jimmy Pudge: Horror Author, Working Man and Modern Day Philosopher

Jimmy Pudge,

What can I say? I have been looking forward to this interveiw for a while. A man after my own heart, horror is my life! I’ve always liked your style. You’re not afraid to be yourself and that’s the way it should be. Your writing is edgy, exciting and hard to put down. Well, nobody pulled my cord and we’re not here to hear me prattle on, so let me introduce to you, the man, the myth, the lesbian trapped in a man’s body…Jimmy Pudge!

Mark! What’s going on, brother?

What should I say about writing? For me it’s a release, man. A release from cleaning doo doo toilets at the motel and thinking about people that joke me when they see me riding home on my bicycle. I enjoy writing, just as much as I enjoy picking up women at Wal-Mart.  You see, writing is a lot like delivering a pickup line, you got to be smooth, baby. If you see a chick in the produce section, you don’t want to be nervous and stutter and spit all over her face when you say something like, “Baby, if you were a transformer, you’d be Optimus Fine!” See what I’m saying? Writing is an art, and it’s up to the individual when it comes to releasing it. Maybe you a writing machine and put out 5,000 words a day. Maybe you write once a month and don’t even keep track of your word count. Regardless, as long as you enjoy what you’re writing and you don’t over think that shit, you gonna write something you can send out or self-publish. Once you get them comments coming in, oh man, those hurtful heartbreaking comments, your skin will get tougher and maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t realize about your writing. The key to being a good writer, brother, is to send the work out for people to see. Don’t be afraid or ashamed. You’re not trying to be the next damn Billy Shakespeare. You just want to keep improving, you feel me?

People ask me all the time, “Jimmy, why are your stories so fucked up, man? What’s the deal with you, partner?” The deal is I’m writing for fun, not for fame or profit. I think all writers should be like this. Write what you want to write, not what you think someone else wants.

That’s pretty much all the advice I got on writing. Basically, beat your own drum to the rhythm in your head.

Now, I been writing for a while. Had many rejections before I turned to the art of self-publishing. I started my craft when I was in prison. Had a lot of downtime in the night to compose stories and shit. I’d never really tried writing before then. The words came slowly. My first story was like a bad children’s book. Inmates who couldn’t even read were laughing at that story. I think it was about a magic pussy cat named BJ who worked at McDonald’s. BJ had a little head, so his cap kept slipping over his eyes. He tried to empty a grease trap, but he couldn’t see because of the hat bill and the hot grease splashed him so he had to go to the hospital. He tried to sue, but he put down the wrong date the incident occurred, so the judge dismissed it. BJ died one night as he fell asleep smoking on a cigarette and his trailer burnt down.  That entire story was about five sentences long I think.

But I kept plugging away and over the years I was able to understand the writing process a little bit better. I enjoy reading spicy romance novels and horror, some science fiction, mystery, and a good blend of shit, man. My stories tend to border on pulp fiction, some being complete horror tales and others being greasy, raunchy mysteries. My first self-published title “YO A$$ IS GRA$$: Tales From a Rednek Gangsta” managed to sell over five copies during its first month alone, which was phenomenal since I only purchased three of them. It has only been roses with the additional releases of “Bad Billy,” “Ice Cream Man” and “The Dick.” I also do poetry, man. Poetry about life, going to Wal-Mart and picking up ladies. I’ve got two titles out, “From My Cracked Out Heart” and “Bar Napkins and Bathroom Stalls.” I also have a standalone short story for sale called “Bitch Gone Crazy in the Attic.”

My newest title is “Devil Inside,” and it should be coming out at the end of October. “Devil Inside” is about the spirit of serial killer Junior Boyd being released. Boyd kills certain types of ladies with certain types of assets, and the only thing that can stop him is a psychopath named Big Country. This is probably the most romantic story I have ever written.

Alright, I’ve shot enough shit. Here are the blurbs and links to my books on Amazon. “Bad Billy” is permanently free. If you’d like to try one of my titles, go with “Bad Billy first.” That way you’re not out of any dough.

Thanks for having me, Mark.

Bad Billy

Product Details

Bad Billy has spent his entire life in Mama’s basement. When the chains break free and he escapes into the world, he must learn the difference between being a monster and a human being.

It’s going to be a bloody education.

“Bad Billy, it’s ‘Of Mice and Men’ meets the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.'”
–R. Scott McCoy, Publisher of “Necrotic Tissue Magazine,” author of “Feast” and the “White Face Bear”

Yo A$$ IS GRA$$: Tales From a Rednek Gangsta

Product Details

A collection of Jimmy Pudge’s finest short fiction. From crackhead vampires to redneck zombies to a host of the craziest lowlifes you’ve ever met, Jimmy’s got your fix right here! Come inside the magical world of Jimmy Pudge and enjoy the greasiest horror, crime and humor you’re gonna find!

Warning: This book contains strong adult content.

Ice Cream Man

Product Details

In 1984 three boys shot and killed an ice cream man in an attempted robbery. But instead of being charged with murder, the boys were made heroes for stopping the Pussy Willow Maniac.

They thought it was over, that they were safe. The Pussy Willow Maniac was dead and buried. But now, 28 years later, the Ice Cream Man has returned from the dead to serve the boys their just desserts.

The Dick

Product Details

Warning: This book contains strong Adult Content.

Ex porn star Jonny Sausage wants to be more than a cook at a fast food dive, so he obtains his P.I. certificate online.

It sounds exciting enough, being a private eye, but Jonny has no idea how crazy things are going to get once this gorgeous vampire dame by the name of Cristabel Swan enters his office.

Swan needs a ruthless investigator to find out why her family members are being murdered, and Jonny feels he’s the right dick for the job.

From My Cracked Out Heart

Product Details

Poetry from the streets to the prison. A series of poems by Jimmy Pudge from smoking crack to Occupying Wall Street.

Bar Napkins and Bathroom Stalls

Product Details

A poetry collection about the bright, the shady and the ugly side of the unlucky man’s life.

Bitch Gone Crazy in the Attic

Product Details

When Janine spies her man with another woman from a hole in the attic floor, she decides she’s had enough of these tramps he’s bringing home. She’s tired of being placed in the attic and wants to come down! This is a short story, approximately 1700 words. It contains strong Adult Content.

Wow, Jimmy! You’ve created quite a portfolio, and if these titles don’t peak people’s interest, they’re probably already dead. I can’t begin to express how much fun it has been to get a peek inside that crazy head of yours and get a snapshot of your life. Thank you so much for stopping by, you are welcome here anytime!

Click on the book covers or the hyperlinks to purchase this great author’s works from Amazon, and remember, only you can help indie authors get recognition. Take the time to press the orange “Like” button in the middle of the page, under the title of the book, and when finished, leave a review on Amazon and GoodReads. This little bit of effort on your part means more to an indie author than almost anything, except buying the book in the first place 🙂 As always, my friends and fellow authors…good nightmares to you.


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