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Trenchfoot is published

A soldier endures hell for the chance to return home to his daughter.

My short story, Trenchfoot, is in Thirteen Press’ War anthology.





The Devil’s Work

Wesley Black has a penchant for human flesh and is serving three life sentences in Outpost 86, the world’s most remote prison in Antarctica. This is the story of the first time he died. The Devil’s work is never finished.

My short story, The Devil’s Work, is in Phantasmic, The Next Life.



Children of Armageddon

My short story, Inundated, is in this anthology. I destroy Bossier City and most of the civilized world with a flood and unleash ancient giant carnivores in the process. Get a copy and enjoy the carnage!





Ocularity lives inside the pages of Nightmare Illustrated, Issue 8. You will never look at your eyes the same way again.

Nightmare Illustrated Issue 8 - Ocularity

Horrified Press’ ‘Nightmare Illustrated’ issue 8 is available now via the following link:…/night…/paperback/product-21900129.html

Thanks to artist Stephen Cooney for the great cover.

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