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10:30 Short Film

1030 - P&E Banner

My step-daughter, Aimee, made a student short film from my short story, 10:30. She did a great job capturing the spirit of the story and I am happy to have been part of the process. I played the part of Thaddeus Rasputin, the main antagonist, and one of Aimee’s best friends, Gillian, played the protagonist.  Aimee’s first attempt at making a short film turned out great! She used music to help build suspense and displayed a natural talent for filmmaking through her cinematography and showcased it at the Bossier Instructional Center. She showed a level of filmography usually reserved for far more accomplished filmmakers which makes me believe she has the right stuff to go far in this business. She is to attend the University of New Orleans to major in film production this fall and I can’t wait to see what she is capable of. I am proud that she picked one of my short stories to use and even more proud of her for doing such a great job. Read the short story for free at, then click on the following link to see her film: After the movie, there is a short interview with me, so stick around and witness the awkwardness of my first interview!


Thank You!

I want to thank everyone who voted for 10:30 in the P&E Reader’s Choice favorite short story poll for 2014. It finished in seventh position, which is incredible considering all the talented competition! I’m looking forward to the 2015 poll already.

1030 - P&E Banner



Trenchfoot is published

A soldier endures hell for the chance to return home to his daughter.

My short story, Trenchfoot, is in Thirteen Press’ War anthology.





The Devil’s Work

Wesley Black has a penchant for human flesh and is serving three life sentences in Outpost 86, the world’s most remote prison in Antarctica. This is the story of the first time he died. The Devil’s work is never finished.

My short story, The Devil’s Work, is in Phantasmic, The Next Life.



Children of Armageddon

My short story, Inundated, is in this anthology. I destroy Bossier City and most of the civilized world with a flood and unleash ancient giant carnivores in the process. Get a copy and enjoy the carnage!





Ocularity lives inside the pages of Nightmare Illustrated, Issue 8. You will never look at your eyes the same way again.

Nightmare Illustrated Issue 8 - Ocularity

Horrified Press’ ‘Nightmare Illustrated’ issue 8 is available now via the following link:…/night…/paperback/product-21900129.html

Thanks to artist Stephen Cooney for the great cover.


Flash Fiction

I’ve never tried flash fiction (FF) before, but recently I gave it a shot. At first I found it difficult to write a story in less than 500 words, but once I got the hang of it, it became easier. I have had four FF stories accepted by Thirteen O’ Clock Press: The Runner, Ptolemy’s Hunger, Lobotomy and Regret.

The Runner

The Runner: A man’s attempt at revenge goes seriously awry and ruins his life.

Ptolemy's Hunger

Ptolemy’s Hunger: An organic spaceship develops a taste for its occupants.

Lobotomy Red

Lobotomy: Treasure hunters discover an alien artifact which unleashes something beautiful and deadly.


Regret: A suicidal man’s actions lead to an unexpected and untimely event.


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Reflection of Truth

My short story, Reflection of Truth, is in the Dark Fairy Tales Revisited, Volume II anthology and is available for purchase at

Dark Fairy Tales Revisited II

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Night Eyes Lives!

My short story, Night Eyes, is featured in the Black Cat anthology by Horrified Press.

A man searching for the fabled fountain of youth has a run in with a black panther, but all is not what it seems. Some things are better left unfound.

The Black Cat

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Purge is Published

Plague is a collection of short horror stories penned by various authors from around the world.
Witness the outbreak of something nasty that changed our past, affects the present and may even destroy our future, for the greatest threat to mankind’s continued dominance on this planet has always been… plague…

My short story, Purge, is featured in the Plague anthology and is available at

Plague Cover



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