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Death of an Icon

We mourn the passing of a wonderful and comforting entity in our lives, KIA on January 8, 2016. Eileen was approximately 140 years old and earned her name from her severe lean over one of our decks. Yes, the name is corny, but her presence is sorely missed and has forever changed the atmosphere and character of Fiddler’s Green. Where once she sheltered the decks and provided shade for the side of the house, there is openness and emptiness, a void left in the wake of the terminal sickness that rotted her roots to the point she could no longer bear her own weight causing her to collapse, exhausted and spent. Her duties as a sentinel, protector, and abode for wildlife of all species are now complete, but her memory will live on in electronic celluloid, the essence of her spirit captured so inadequately by the camera’s eye. Alas, those who witnessed her glory and majesty have only their memories to pay homage to this great old oak tree. Rest in peace, Eileen, you are hereby relieved of your duties and inducted into the annals of the Fiddler’s Green historical record. You are not forgotten and the void created by your absence will never fully be filled, at least not in our lifetime. P.S. Thank you for not destroying the house 🙂


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