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Wizards, Witches and Monsters in the Louisiana Bayou

My guest tonight is a distinguished author from my current neck of the woods. Please give a welcome to Richard Wilkins (R).

*Deafening applause fills the virtual auditorium*

(M) Thank you for being on my blog, Richard. It’s an honor to interview another author from the bayou. Let’s start by telling the good people out where you are from.

(R) First of all, thank you for having me on your blog. I was raised on a dairy farm in northern New York State. That’s probably why I like to grow things. My back yard is half vegetable gardens. By profession, I was a nurse anesthetist. I was in the USAF for nearly 9 years. I lived in several states while in the AF, but settled down in the Shreveport-Bossier area after leaving the military.

(M) A fellow Air Force man! I had no idea. I knew there was something about you I liked! Tell me, why and when did you start writing?

(R) I’ve always loved Sci-Fi and wanted to write that type of book, but it seemed I never had time until I retired. Actually, I first wrote a book of poetry first called, “Richie’s Eclectic Poetry”. My first novel was, “The Wizards of Lake Bistineau”. I got the idea for the setting of the story after buying a camp on the lake in Louisiana with that same name. The description of the lake is actually close to its reality; quite eerie. The story itself was hatched from the magical fantasies in my mind.

(M) I have read “The Wizards” and I must say I enjoyed it very much. What is cool is that I have been to Lake Bistineau many times and could envision the scenery as you were telling the story. I have never been out on the lake, but I imagine there are a lot of places that could be a hidden island.

(M) Who were the biggest influences on your writing, and why?

(R) Books on Sci-Fi fantasy have always interested me. I read a multitude of authors like Piers Anthony, Anne McCafrey, Jack Chalker and Geraldine Harris, along with many others. I especially liked stories that featured dragons and ancient times. Stephen King stories, of course, are great. I enjoy just about any science fiction stories.

(M) Do you have any books in the works?

(R) I am currently working on two books. One is a sequel to “The Wizards of Lake Bistineau”. It is called, “The Witches of New Orleans. In the first book there is a struggle between good and evil involving opposing wizards, with the help of two witches. There is a lot of magic, a little romance and a variety of creatures. The magic is mixed with some real science theory, including the use of subatomic science.
The sequel picks up with some of the same characters and several new ones. A demon plays an important role in the second book’s story of the struggle against evil. The characters’ activities center around New Orleans, but they are forced to go as far as Cairo Egypt during their struggles. I should have the first draft completed early this fall.
My other book is a comedy satire about everything and everyone in the world that is stupid and irritating to me; which are many things. I haven’t decided on a title just yet, but I have written several chapters already.

(M) Richard, it sounds like your upcoming works are going to be very entertaining and I can’t wait to read them. Thank you for giving us a quick glimpse into your life and a little insight into what makes you tick. I enjoy meeting other authors, especially ones that live in the same city I do! Being an author can be a lonely and harsh world and it gives me comfort to know I have a close ally in our fight to be noticed in a sea of literary creativity.

(M) There you have it, folks. Richard Wilkins. The next time you pass through Shreveport, LA or see some crazy show about even crazier Louisianians, remember that wizards and witches are real and some of them exist on and around Lake Bistineau, just ask Richard, he’ll tell you all about them.
I have included a link to Richards work below, feel free to visit and if it peaks your interest, buy a copy and get ready for one hell of a journey!

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