Welcome Horror Aficionado, Mark Parker,

20 Jul

I have not written anything on my blog for a very long time because I have been out camping, jet-skiing and generally trying to be outside as much as possible. Alas, the inevitable pull of the “Blog” is difficult to fend off for too long and so I surrender to the feeling tonight with another guest author. I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing a fellow horror author, Mark Parker.

MT: Welcome, Mark! It has taken a while to finally get together and complete this interview, but here we are. I am camping at Lake Dardanelle in Arkansas and you are in Northeast, but through the miracle of the internet, the distance barriers are broken.

MT: Where are you from?
MP: I currently reside in New England.
MT: I have always wanted to visit New England. Maybe after I retire, I’ll be able to explore that part of the country…in the summer, of course.

MT: Tell us a little about you.
MP: I live in Boston with family. My hobbies include reading, traveling, cooking, movies, theater, concerts, and drawing, and, of course, meeting new people. (People-watching, too!)
MT: My step-daughter is in a currently running production of Les Miserable and I watched it for the first time last week. It it a great story! I share a lot of the same hobbies.

MT: Why and when did you start writing?
MP: I started writing pretty young. I would say around 13 or 14. I saw my first Stephen King book at the age of 12, and it was love at first sight. I’ve never looked back. My first story was a horror piece titled THE ICE CREAM MAN. Still want to see that one finished.
MT: Yep, Stephen King did it for me also.

MT: Who has had the biggest influence on your writing and why?
MP: Biggest influence? I know it sounds trite (or at least somewhat of a common answer), but I would have to say Stephen King. I have personally never encountered a writer/author I’ve ever wanted to emulate more. Not only is he a tremendous writer, both from a creative and professional standpoint, but he’s also a wonderful human being. If I can be both those things, I will have done what I feel I was created to do.
MT: It doesn’t sound trite at all, he has been my biggest influence also and I would dare to say that is the case for thousands of authors.

MT: How do you get your ideas for your books?
MP: For me, ideas come from a multitude of places. I am pretty much a ‘concept’ guy. Oftentimes a concept for a story will come to me; the age-old ‘what if’ scenario, I guess. Other times, I get a title or an opening line. I can literally be sitting anywhere, see something, a title will come, and I’m off. I was sitting in a colleague’s office recently; saw a light switch that had a sticker on it that read Circuit 33. I wrote that down and have every confidence it will be a story at some point. That sort of thing.
MT: I hear you; inspiration can come from unexpected and often mundane circumstances.

MT: Do you have any books in the works? How many?
MP: That’s a difficult question. At any one time, I have literally dozens of stories, novellas, novels kicking around in my head; most of which are at some point in the ‘process’ of being written. I would say I actively have about six projects going at the moment. I am currently working on a short story for self-publication; a novella for submission; and about four novel-length projects.
MT: That’s great. It seems a story always begs to be told and it is often difficult to finish one before the next one comes along and wants out.

MT: Tell us a little about your work.

Way of the Witch

MP: My novella WAY OF THE WITCH is a coming-of-age story with a twist. Two lifelong friends encounter an old raggedy woman they believe to be a witch. What transpires after a single childish prank exacted against the old woman, will have all three lives bound in dark and terrible ways far into the future.

Biology of Blood

MP: My short story BIOLOGY OF BLOOD is a ‘quiet little vampire story’ with a scientific edge to it. While originally intended to be a short story for submission into an anthology, has turned into what is fondly referred to as ‘chapter one’ of either a series of inter-related stories, or a longer work all packaged together. We’ll see.

Lucky You

MP: And I have a second short story out right now titled LUCKY YOU. I have described it as a ‘psychosexual thriller’ short. This was mainly intended to be a story that looked at what might happen if someone accidentally killed another person during a night of exuberant sex, only to find he enjoyed it. It’s an exploration into an ‘accidentally-made’ serial killer. Due to its graphic nature, it’s admittedly not for everyone. It has, however, garnered some very favorable reviews on Amazon, where it is currently a Kindle Exclusive.

MT: They all sound great! I have recently downloaded Way of the Witch and Biology of Blood and I intend to read and review as soon as I have the time. I have a few promised reviews to finish before I can delve into your work, but from the little I have read, I am sure I will enjoy them very much. Mark, thank you for sharing your time and life with us, I know you are a busy man and it is much appreciated. Folks, you can click on the book covers to order your copies of Mark’s works. Now, *cracks whip* get back to writing, those stories will not write themselves!

Mark Parker’s Facebook Page
Mark Parker’s Goodreads page


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2 responses to “Welcome Horror Aficionado, Mark Parker,

  1. Mark Parker

    July 20, 2013 at 17:45

    Mark, thank you so much for the kind opportunity to share a bit about myself and my work with you. What a nice treat. Once my blog is up and running in a more official capacity, perhaps I can return the favor. All the best to you and your family. Wish I was in Arkansas. I’ve never been camping, can you believe it? LOL I hear that whip crack, so I’d better get back to work. Like you said, those stories aren’t going to write themselves. You’re great to have invited me to do this. It’s very much appreciated.

    Warm regards,


    • Mark Tompkins Author

      July 20, 2013 at 17:47

      You are welcome. We need all the exposure we can get in this great big literary jungle! It’s always nice to learn about other authors and get a glimpse into their lives.


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