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Welcome Beautiful Azure Author, Jodie Horton!

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I would like to introduce an up and coming author, Jodie Horton, from the UK! I have never been to the UK, but would love to visit, I mean as a zombie movie fan, one day I have to see where 28 Days/Weeks Later were filmed! Now I know those really aren’t zombie films, but their DNA on the big screen is close enough for me. I know another wonderful author from the UK, Nathan Robinson, who can write horror like nobody’s business. Looks like the UK is full of talented authors! I stray, forgive me…

M: Welcome Jodie!

J: First…I must say…Thank you Mark for giving me this fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by you. Thank you also for having an interest in my writing, and most of all, having faith in me. I am honoured that you asked me, just average Jodie from Birmingham, UK.

M: I would be honoured (UK spelling :-)) if you would answer some questions for me so I can learn more about you.

J: Of course, Mark. I would love to!

M: How did you get into writing?

J: Humm, to be honest Mark, I don’t actually know. I feel I fell into the world of make believe and truly liked the fact I can make anything happen within the pages of my book. The idea felt amazing to me. I’m the type of person thatn once I have a bee in my bonnet, I have the momentum to do just about anything. In this instancen to write a book. *sighs* Well that’s if no-one attempts to steal my thunder. I’m easily influenced by others and loved ones, I care too much what people say, think, etc., whether good or bad! *shrugs off low* I woke one morning and decided, “I’m going to write a book!” After weeks of torment and peoples laughter, I just took a deep breath, shrugged off their disturbing comments such as, “A hairdresser writing a book!”, etc. (there were worse comments). It certainly hurt, a lot, but I had the faith and encouragement of certain people to carry on. So, deciding to prove them mightily wrong, I started. I began to plan, plot, and characterize my book, building up a clear picture of what I wanted to happen. The first person I met was on Twitter, Author Elizabeth Marshall, who encouraged me immensely. I fell in love with her Highland series, and I still continue to be great friends with her. Well, that’s it Mark, without the encouragement of family, close friends, and new found friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc, I wouldn’t have even begun.

M: Falling into a world of make-believe sometimes is the best way to put your troubles behind for a while. Don’t listen to people and their naysaying, never let other people limit your dreams and accomplishments. I am happy you have embarked on this journey to expand the literary world with your stories, I can’t wait to read your work! OK, What drives you to write?

J: *Twist lips* That has to be my family: My husband, Adam, and my 3 beautiful daughters. Lucy, my eldest, is proud to tell her little friends at school I am an author. *whispers* I know I’m not published as yet, but it’s the excitement on their little faces that does it for me Big style. I want them to be proud of me, they probably are anyway, but I want to make them more proud than ever before. I know it’s daft really, as I know they deeply love me, even the family I never get to see. *sighs* Without the encouragement of them all, I couldn’t go on with what I am doing. Friends over the pond play a huge part too: Ditter Tha’great, Dawn Montgomery, Yourself Mark Tompkins, Barbara Brant, Tonya Jewell, (My Petal) Rosie Middleton, Pammie Cakes, Teehee……..Lois Merrill, Amy Hartman and Gloria Esau to name a few. That little text, email, or post to see how I’m getting on is very heartfelt and encouraging for me. Thank you!!!

M: It is nice to have positive, encouraging people in your life, even if you only know some of them from a digital world! The definition of “friend” has certainly changed in the last few years as more and more of us reach out to grasp the virtual hands of people across the globe. Next question: What Authors influence your writing, and why?

J: *smiles* There are plenty of wonderful and inspiring authors out there. I have read many books, and many more are on my “to read list.” *winces* I have the absolute honour of having many authors on my Facebook friends list, *holds heart* such as you, Mark. They are spread widely throughout the world, dotted here and there. It’s amazing that many want to know me. I deeply wish I could visit them all, one by one. But being realistic, I can’t. The books that did it for me was the trilogy of 2012. “Fifty Shades of Grey” by the lovely E.L James. WOW……What can I say, for a start she’s amazing, that’s her explained. The words she used and the way she wrote it leaves you enthralled. The trilogy dragged me in and never spat me out till “Freed.” I was that engrossed and it only took me a week to read all three. As she swept the nation, I drove my husband crazy, Christian Grey this, Christian Grey that. Sorry Adam xx. I’m surprised he is still here for me, bless him. Right, back to the book, it’s certainly an easy read, well for me anyway, not being the shiniest jewel in the box. I’m sure every woman in the country, no….. THE WORLD has read the trilogy, and definitely enjoyed it as much as I did. *winks* Ha Ha Ha lmao!!!! Don’t roll you’re eyes Mark!!! Teehee!!!

M: *Rolls eyes* Oops, sorry, couldn’t help it. To be considered an honour is an honor…you know what I mean. Yes, there are MANY talented authors in our group and in many others I have found on facebook and I enjoy being in their company! I have not read the Fifty Shades series and I’m probably the only person in the world that hasn’t. One day, I’ll get to it, but for now, I’ve a lot of writing to do myself!

M: Do you have all the time to write you need, or does life keep you from doing your passion?

J: Well as some of you are aware, I’m a married mother of 3 beautiful girls. Aged from 20 months to 10 year,s they can be a pretty tough handful. Between school runs, housework, washing, and all the other housewife chores, it gets pretty hectic in the Horton household. I long for an office, a hidy hole somewhere in the house, but no such luck. I have been with my husband for 14 years this coming May. Awwwwww. He is brilliant, he backs me up all the way. Adam is my main encouragement, he helps me with many ideas for my writing. Ha ha, lets put it this way, he inspires the more romantic moments within its contents. *Winks*
I envy writers that can sit for hours, days, or even weeks, just pumping out pure genius books. I can’t, I have to take my time, sitting on the arm of my sofa or perched up against a dresser, typing away whilst the rest of the house sleeps. Hummm very professional, hey. Ohhh but numb bum is the pits. Ouch.
I started to write in bed on my laptop too, when hubby is on a late shift at work. I found I’d get a lot done, but then eventually I’d fall asleep. Huff. I have even awakened disappointed that I had not written as much as I’d thought……I’d blinking dreamt it, LOL! *rolls eyes* Facebook is the worst torment of all. It’s so distracting, it’s a joke. If it’s not my phone buzzing notifications, it’s me being killed by temptation. But, if not for Facebook, I would not have met my editor (Barbara Brant) or know all the amazing people on my friends list. Thank you. xx

M: Writing with all that going on in your life seems impossible! But I know what you are going through, I may not have kids, but with spending time with my soul mate, work and all the other things that compete for my attention, it is difficult to find time to write. You write whenever you can and that shows the spirit of an author dedicated to the craft.

M: What is the title of youre book and where will readers be able to purchase it?

J: Okay, my first book is called “Beautiful Azure”. I fell in love with the title as soon as I created it. The main character in my book is Lexie Lia Stewart, an American born girl who now resides in London, UK. She’s a troubled girl with a troubled past. She clings to her memories with such passion, deeply afraid they will return, with a terrifying vengeance. She meets and falls for Layton Thomas Tipton, a gorgeously talented architect. He feels the same as soon as he lays his stunning blue eyes on her. (Hence the title) But a force of some kind is keeping them apart, its unexplainable for them. But does love prevail?…………….Hum you’ll just have to wait and see! Beautiful Azure will be available for download through Amazon, eventually to be available as a paperback too! (My personal favourite!)

M: I like the title, very descriptive! The book sounds interesting Jodie, and I bet it will do great! Do you have a web page?

J: Yes, I’d like to thank you personally Mark, for liking my author page on Facebook. Anyone is more than welcome to come and browse, or even like it. That would make my day! You can also follow me on twitter too! (@jodiehorton82.) Facebook is my main sin, I’m always around somewhere.

M: You’re welcome, thank you for liking all of mine as well! I already follow you on Twitter so that block is checked. Looks like the next step for you is a blog! When do you expect your book to be released?

J: Having had a word with my editor, Barbara Brant. Beautiful Azure should be released in Spring 2013….Hopefully in time for DitterCon 2013 in Las Vegas, Yay….*Claps hands* See you there Mark!

M: Spring 2013, you heard it folks. Be on the lookout for Beautiful Azure this spring and see what this little lady can do with words!
Jodie, thank you for talking with me tonight, it was an honor to get into your brain and find out more about you. When you’re rich and famous, I will be able to say I was the first to interview you! I have included some quotes from Beautiful Azure below as a teaser. Have a great weekend and as always…may your dreams be filled with my nightmares.

Quotes from Beautiful Azure:

Don’t hide your smile baby, I love looking at it, and most of all, I love the woman wearing it.

As long as we’re together…that’s all that matters to me…I love you, I want to be with you…always.

Hush Lexie…Sleep now baby, we will wake up together…forever


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