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Social Media Overload

What is social media overload? I’m glad you asked. It is when you reach the point that you’ve had enough of facebook, goodreads, blogs, Amazon author pages, facebook author pages, individual book facebook pages, your own author webpage, kindlegraph, twitter, myspace, pin it, …and the list goes on. When did these entities take over our lives? Begin paying attention to how much time you spend maintaining social media platforms and you will be astounded! For the past few days, I have tried to limit my presence on these electronic planes of existence and it has felt wonderful! I was not able to completely keep away, I inevitably fell into the habit of responding to or liking posts, and with the holiday season upon us, this is not the most opportune time to try to curb social habits, but for the most part, I enjoyed it. I know it is a temporary respite, authors will always have to keep reminding the world they exist or get left in obscurity from the flood of advertisements from others. It is part of the new reality I have volunteered to surround myself with by taking the role of literary pioneer and beginning to scrape the stories from my grey matter with my scalpel of choice, my computer.

I know I am meant to write because the stories ache to come out, they haunt me and I cannot attain true peace as long as they reside in my brain. To whose standards the quality of writing lives up to is subjective and kinetic, ever to be liked or distained for what it is. I make no apologies for what I write because I write the truths contained in my perspective and all my stories are real to me. 

I’ve gotten off point, so I will wrap it up with this, social media can be tedious, tiresome and make you dread having to face it, so take a short break every once in a while, even for just a few days and look around you, there is a lot to do in this big world of ours and I will only be a slave to my computer for so long before I take a step outside and remember how to live!  

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